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Web Developer and Aspirirng Mobile Developer

About me

Reagan Ekhameye was born in a good christain home in the center excellence of Nigeria, where its a priority to serve God with all your heart. He is also known as raythetechdude, a web developer and aspiring mobile developer. Reagan was obsessed with computers in his early age. Ever since his parent bought a compaq desktop computer he doesn't really remember the model, But from there onward his interest in computers became more proficient. He was dumbfounded how the world wide web grew over time so he started web development before he became a teenager at the age eleven (11). He also loves those piece of technology in your pocket called the Mobile Phone, in the near future he hopes to build software for them. When reagan is not hacking stuff together with his computer he is out there playing drums, reading and playing video games. Reagan hopes to produce video tutorials and blog about computer related stuff in the near future to give back to the community.

Contact me

Need a website? i can build one for you or you have an existing website for redesign, i can do that. And if i am your guy for your company or job. Contact me below twitter logo raythetechdude@gmail.com